Asbestos Removal: The only Removal Method

What is something extremely harmful to the human body, if remained in contact with for a considerable amount of time, but is still used as one of the most essential materials used in building every structure created on this planet? The answer is, asbestos.

It has the reputation of being extremely harmful yet very useful in building structures and hence, is used often in construction but with keeping the required safety measures in mind.

People often do not realise how dangerous it might be and should get a good bit of reading done before they do any kind of renovation, especially if they are doing to themselves. Guides and books are available in abundance online. Asbestos removal in Victoria especially follows the online guide that is provided by the Environment Protection Authority of Victoria which gives the safe methods for asbestos disposal in Melbourne and surrounding areas. This guide gives you efficient steps to take care of the asbestos that you have in your hands.

Where Can We Find Asbestos In Buildings?

It is mostly found in the vents, false ceilings and certain parts that are used in the construction of the building. It is also used in panels used in technical ducts to make access easier in those areas. Asbestos is, additionally, spray-painted on surfaces to make them flame retardant.

How Do We Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos removal is essentially a hazardous procedure and needs a contractor, a professional, to be doing the job. Anytime asbestos removal has to take place, the building is evacuated. If evacuation isn’t possible, the nearby area is restricted for entry to prevent contamination. Polythene films and negative air is spread out around the area of work so as to prevent asbestos fragments from flying away and contaminating the surrounding areas.

A new and more developed method of getting rid of asbestos is a diamond-cut wet-cutting saw which is used in smaller sections of the structure but gives us more precision.

Can We Do It Ourselves?

Although not ideal, we can manage the asbestos in our personal living spaces of our own accord. All we need to do is take care of following a few safety measures.

We don’t need a permit to carry asbestos in our private vehicle, however, you must package the asbestos well enough to avoid contamination. You must additionally, make sure that you are transferring the discarded asbestos to a certified and legal landfill or some other authoritative personnel which can get rid of your asbestos easily.

Even though asbestos poses no risk to humans in ideal situations, it isn’t always as ideal as we want things to be. In the case of no dislodging of the asbestos applied to the structure, it is usually fine. However, a few methods of application of asbestos don’t work very efficiently and the same comes off as fibres floating in the air which can be then breathed in and can cause problems. It is best to get help from a professional.

Tommy Clappers

Tommy Clappers

Tommy Clappers is the Owner and Founder of Asbestos Australia Removalist specialising as a Class A & B Licensed Company with highly trained ticketed staff with over 25+ years in the industry in Friable & Non-Friable Commercial, Industrial & Domestic. He's well-skilled in all types of Asbestos Removal and Hazardous Materials. He's an expert in Encapsulation, Soil Remediation and Industrial Cleaning. He prides himself on creating safer environments for his team and his client's safety and ensuring every removal is safe and clean. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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