How to Choose the Right Asbestos Removal Service: A Guide by Asbestos Australia

At Asbestos Australia, your safety is our priority. As a leading licensed asbestos removalist company, we understand the severe health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Whether you’re dealing with friable asbestos, non-friable asbestos, or suspect asbestos materials in your property, our team is equipped with the necessary equipment and safety measures to handle every asbestos removal job efficiently and safely.

As you can imagine, finding the right asbestos specialist for asbestos removal is extremely important. To stop you having to wade through countless asbestos removal companies, we’ve put together this guide. In it, we aim to help you identify what to look for when choosing an asbestos removal company, ensuring that you receive cost-effective, professional service that meets all safety standards.

Understanding Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was widely used in the construction industry for its durability and resistance to heat. However, its fibres pose severe health risks when they become airborne and are inhaled. Understanding the different types of asbestos can help in identifying potential risks in your environment. There are mainly two types:

1. Friable Asbestos: This type can easily crumble into a powder and release dangerous fibres into the air. It requires specialiaed handling and safety protocols during removal to prevent asbestos exposure.

2. Non-Friable Asbestos: Although more stable, non-friable asbestos (known as bonded asbestos) can become friable if disturbed or damaged. It is often found in roofing, tiles, and other building materials.

Knowing whether you’re dealing with friable or non-friable asbestos affects the safety measures and techniques used during the asbestos removal process.

It’s crucial to have any suspect asbestos or asbestos containing materials assessed by licensed asbestos removalists who can perform asbestos testing and determine the best course of action for removal and disposal.

What to Look for in an Asbestos Removal Company

When selecting an asbestos removal company, it’s essential to ensure they meet stringent safety and regulatory requirements. Here are the key factors to consider:

1. Licensed Asbestos Removalist: Always verify that the company holds a valid asbestos removal licence. In Australia, in order to perform asbestos removal work, (unless it is a small amount of non-friable asbestos) the person doing the removal must be a licenced asbestos removalist. There are two classes of asbestos licenses:

  • Class A License: Allows the holder to remove friable asbestos, which is more hazardous and requires specific safety protocols.
  • Class B License: Permits the removal of non-friable asbestos. Ensure the company’s license corresponds to the type of asbestos present on your property.

2. Experience and Reputation: Look for a company with a solid track record of safely handling asbestos removals. Check customer reviews and ask for case studies or references to gauge their reliability and quality of work.

3. Safety Measures: Competent asbestos removalists will implement robust safety protocols to protect not only their workers but also your property and the surrounding environment from contamination. Inquire about their safety procedures, including how they contain and dispose of asbestos materials.

4. Insurance: Ensure that the asbestos removal contractor carries adequate insurance, including public liability and environmental pollution insurance, to cover any potential accidents or damage during the removal process.

5. Transparent Quoting and Cost Structure: A reputable asbestos removal company should provide a clear and detailed quote that outlines the scope of the removal work, the techniques used, and the associated costs. Avoid companies that offer unusually low quotes as this may indicate substandard services.

By choosing a company that meets these criteria, you can be assured of a safe and effective asbestos removal job, minimising health risks and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. Want more details about what to look for in an asbestos removalist? Read this.

How to Find Asbestos Removal Companies

Finding a reliable asbestos removal company requires a bit of research and due diligence. Here are some effective ways to locate reputable asbestos removalists in your area:

1. Online Directories and Websites: Start by searching online directories and websites that list licensed asbestos removalists. These platforms often provide ratings and reviews, helping you gauge the reputation and service quality of each company.

2. Local Government Recommendations: Contact your local government or municipal office for a list of licensed asbestos removal companies. They often have records of certified contractors who are compliant with local safety and health regulations.

3. Industry Associations: Industry bodies such as the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) in Australia can provide referrals to accredited asbestos removalists. Membership in these organizations often indicates a commitment to upholding industry standards and continuous professional development.

4. Word of Mouth: Recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have undergone asbestos removal can be invaluable. They can provide firsthand insights into the professionalism and efficacy of the companies they employed.

5. Social Media and Forums: Look for community forums and social media groups where people discuss their experiences with local asbestos removal services. These real-world experiences can guide you in making an informed decision.

Once you have a list of potential companies, remember to verify their credentials, read through customer testimonials, and compare quotes before making your choice. Choosing a licensed asbestos removalist ensures that asbestos is removed safely and in accordance with legal standards, minimising health risks and protecting your property.

Why Choose Asbestos Australia

When it comes to removing asbestos safely and efficiently, Asbestos Australia is a leader in the industry. Holding both Class A and Class B asbestos removal licenses, we are equipped to handle all types of asbestos, from friable to non-friable. Our team is highly trained and keeps abreast of the latest safety protocols and industry standards. We offer comprehensive asbestos removal services, including initial testing, safe removal, and proper disposal, ensuring that every aspect of the job is managed with the utmost professionalism.

At Asbestos Australia, safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety guidelines and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all asbestos is removed safely, preventing any exposure to you and your community. We believe in transparent and competitive pricing, providing detailed quotes that cover all aspects of the removal process without hidden fees. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the high level of service and communication we maintain throughout each project, ensuring our clients are well-informed and comfortable with the progress of their asbestos removal job.

Choosing Asbestos Australia means opting for a company that you can trust to handle your asbestos concerns with professional care and excellence. Contact us today to discuss your asbestos removal needs and how we can help you ensure a safer environment.

Do You Need an Asbestos Removalist Company?

Choosing the right asbestos removal company is crucial for ensuring the safety of your property and health. At Asbestos Australia, we are committed to providing top-tier asbestos removal services that adhere to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. With our expert team, comprehensive services, and strict adherence to safety protocols, we ensure that every asbestos removal job is conducted with the utmost care and professionalism.

If you need to remove asbestos from your property, call Asbestos Australia on (03) 9704 2952 or get in touch with us here.

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