The Most Common Roof Problems and Their Probable Solutions!

Just because it is up at that height it shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. If at all, you should pay double the attention towards your roof. Do you know why? Because no matter what problems occur to your house, your roof faces it first. So, naturally even the wear and damage in the roof is the highest. And neglecting this side ultimately weakens your house’s foundation as well. (Let’s not forget the damage to its aesthetic beauty!)

Common roof problems that you shouldn’t at all ignore!

Whatever issues your roof shows, remember to call only an expert and professional help to mend or solve it. Tending to the issue by yourself only increases the problem and you might end up with greater damage. Even if it is an extreme situation like asbestos removal or a simple task like gutter cleaning, let the experts handle it better!

Blown Off or Damaged Shingles – Missing shingles are the most common problem that your roof shows. And the only reason for this is the environmental conditions. You obviously can’t fight with nature, but you can actually install new shingles and make the others firmer!

Roof Leakages – Another very common issue that almost all types of roofs face is water leakage. Whether it is because of the rains that are typically heavy in your area or your roof has seen better days, water damage isn’t something that you will like. The pool of water in your premises is a clear sign that the roof is leaking. You can call the experts in waterproofing to cover the area for you perfectly and prevent further damage.

Asbestos on The Roof – Asbestos is one of the reasons why you need to replace your roof as soon as possible. Asbestos in the room isn’t actually a problem until it gets damaged due to certain reasons. Most of the older houses do consist of asbestos in their foundation. And the roof is the most common part where you’ll find this material. And as long as this material isn’t disturbed, it is not actually dangerous. But the moment your roof is chipped, and this material is leaked, there can be lots of hazards. You should immediately call for asbestos roof removal via Asbestos Australia which will get rid of this material in the safest way and keep the area safe for you and your family.

Know more about asbestos here.

Chipping or Falling of Shingles – Did you see a part of your roof falling down breaking bit by bit each day? Well, this is a clear sign of its ageing and a replacement is always better than repairing in such a situation.

Broken gutters — A broken gutter in your roof is another problem that you frequently face. You will have to go for a replacement once in a while to ensure well being and strength of your roof and also the entire house.

These are some of the very common and frequent problems your roof faces. You will also see a lot of blistering happening and moss and mould getting collected on it as well. Again, if you’re calling an expert to clean the mess, you’ll get rid of the issue. For the blistering, you have to renew the roof immediately. After all, a firm roof above your head equals security – literally and figuratively as well.

Tommy Clappers

Tommy Clappers

Tommy Clappers is the Owner and Founder of Asbestos Australia Removalist specialising as a Class A & B Licensed Company with highly trained ticketed staff with over 25+ years in the industry in Friable & Non-Friable Commercial, Industrial & Domestic. He's well-skilled in all types of Asbestos Removal and Hazardous Materials. He's an expert in Encapsulation, Soil Remediation and Industrial Cleaning. He prides himself on creating safer environments for his team and his client's safety and ensuring every removal is safe and clean. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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