Commercial Asbestos Services

Commercial & Industrial Asbestos Removal in Melbourne, Victoria

Presence of asbestos in your commercial building is a threat to the health of your employees. If you don’t know whether your building contains asbestos, feel free to get in contact with us for a quotation for any Asbestos Removal. Should you require any assistance with testing sampling to confirm... Read More

Professional Commercial Asbestos Removalists

Commercial properties all over Australia built before late 1980s are more likely to be contain asbestos. Regular monitoring of any Asbestos containing areas should be conducted to ensure the safety of all staff and customers. Our highly experienced team are trained to undertake any asbestos removal in Commercials properties throughout. Read More

Legal Responsibilities for Owners of Commercial Premises

If you run a business in Victoria or anywhere in Australia, you are required by the law to obtain an asbestos-free building certificate from a licensed asbestos removal company. Failing to do so will attract legal troubles, or you may be asked to shut down your operations. Why not prevent all... Read More

Why Do You Need a Asbestos Removalist?

Asbestos removal involves stripping down floors, insulation or wherever traces are found. During the removal process, there are chances one might inhale a considerable amount of asbestos. That is why asbestos removal is a job best left to our professionals, who come fully prepared with special suits and masks to... Read More

Safety First!

Asbestos is a hazard to you and your family. We understand the huge health risks that the presence of asbestos presents. Your safety is our number one priority. Rely on the professional and reliable team at Asbestos Australia to safely remove asbestos on your residential property, commercial or industrial building.

Pick Up Services

We offer pick up services to safely remove all rubbish from any properties or sites.
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