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Asbestos Australia Pty Ltd is a locally owned and also operates throughout Australia? that handles everything concerning asbestos testing and removal. We provide a comprehensive package, or you can take advantage of our tailor-made services to save both money and time.
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Fire & Smoke Remediation Melbourne
Fire can cause havoc to your property. Not only does it cause damage to the interiors and exteriors of the building, it also leaves everything covered in ash and residue. Also, the fire trucks that extinguish fire, use water to do the same, which in turn causes water damage to... Read More
Crime Scene Cleanup Melbourne
Experiencing a crime at a property or commercial space can be very overwhelming for the owner. There is a lot to be taken care of once the crime has taken place. Dealing with the loss or the emotions of experiencing a crime is challenging. And then, one also has to... Read More
Lead Paint & Dust Removal Services Melbourne
Lead paint was widely used in the 20th century as it dries quickly, is durable, gives a better finish, prevents build up of mold, and blocks noise. However it was banned in 2010 in Australia as it contains lead. Lead is a harmful substance and poses risk to humans in... Read More
Mould Removal Services Melbourne
Your property can become infested with mould over time due to the presence of moisture. This may be because of many reasons like leakage, water logging, flooding in the basement, cracks in the walls, damaged ceiling or roof which may cause exposure to moisture. Mould can cause respiratory problems and... Read More
Asbestos Testing and Inspection
The first step is to identify your requirements. Whether or not your property contains asbestos can be easily determined by a thorough inspection, which will be carried out by our licensed experts to be 100% sure about the situation. Monitoring air quality is also an important part of our asbestos... Read More
Demolition and Rubbish Removal
Asbestos removal may involve stripping down insulation, removing cement sheets or taking the entire structure down with the metal ball. With all the rubble and debris falling loose, it’s risky to hire someone to clean up who is not trained to handle asbestos waste. Asbestos Australia Pty Ltd deals with... Read More
Public Liability Insurance and Clearance Certificates
Asbestos Australia holds the appropriate insurances such as Public Liability and Workcover Insurance. Our team works alongside closely with independent environmental Hyginiests who specialise in providing testing/sampling, preparation of Asbestos Audits, clearance certificates, and Air monitoring services. Pick Up Services You can contact us anytime to arrange a pick-up service... Read More

Safety First!

Asbestos is a hazard to you and your family. We understand the huge health risks that the presence of asbestos presents. Your safety is our number one priority. Rely on the professional and reliable team at Asbestos Australia to safely remove asbestos on your residential property, commercial or industrial building.

Pick Up Services

We offer pick up services to safely remove all rubbish from any properties or sites.