Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

Asbestos Australia is Victoria’s leading asbestos consultancy company. We offer high-quality, safe, and affordable asbestos inspection, testing and removal services. Serving all kinds of clients across the residential and commercial sector, we see to it that our services don’t cause any disturbances to the occupants. Also, did we tell you,... Read More

What is Friable Asbestos?

The word “Friable” is taken from a Latin word, “friabilis” which means “ to crumble”. And as the meaning suggests, an ACM (asbestos-containing material) is considered friable when it is dry and can easily be crushed. Since friable asbestos can be pulverized, or reduced to powder by hand pressure, the... Read More

What is Non-Friable Asbestos?

Non-friable asbestos is the asbestos that can’t be reduced/ crumbled by pressure. This kind of asbestos is more resistant to damage and abrasion, and therefore, is considered less harmful. Typically present in old building/ construction materials, examples of non-friable asbestos include vinyl floor tiles, cement sheets, bitumen products and textured... Read More

Our Removalists are Fully Trained and Licensed

Asbestos Removal is a challenging task. It cannot be performed by an amateur that has no professional experience, knowledge or training to safely remove asbestos. Therefore, you should only rely on licensed asbestos removalists for the same. Asbestos Australia’s crew is your trusted expert for non-friable and friable asbestos removal... Read More

Why Choose Asbestos Australia?

Asbestos Australia is your top-pick for friable and non-friable asbestos disposal Melbourne for multiple reasons — 100% customer satisfaction, safe asbestos testing/ removal, that too at highly competitive rates. When you hire us for asbestos testing, removal in Australia, we send you a team of qualified asbestos removalists that best... Read More

Safety First!

Asbestos is a hazard to you and your family. We understand the huge health risks that the presence of asbestos presents. Your safety is our number one priority. Rely on the professional and reliable team at Asbestos Australia to safely remove asbestos on your residential property, commercial or industrial building.

Pick Up Services

We offer pick up services to safely remove all rubbish from any properties or sites.
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