Should You Or Shouldn’t You Buy A Home With Asbestos? Know Your Risks!

If a new property is on your cards, then it’s definitely a great achievement for you. But what we are worried about is that this great achievement should not come with any risks for you or your family. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, we are talking about a dangerous component that is often seen in some houses which might be very hazardous for you and your family. Yes, it is asbestos. This material which was highly utilised in house constructions during the 1970s and is still present in many of the houses. So, should you or shouldn’t you buy such a house then?

The Risks And Ideas To Buy A Home With Asbestos In It!

Normally, you won’t be able to make out if any house contains asbestos or not by just looking over it. The best way to find if it is present in a house or not is to go for a house inspection before buying the place. These kinds of inspections don’t just let you know about the presence of this component in the property, but it also gives you an idea if it is a friable asbestos or non friable asbestos. And accordingly, you should weigh your decision of buying this property or not.

o   Buy only if the property is free of asbestos completely — If you really love the place and want to own it by all means, then you have to ensure removal of every trace of asbestos from it. And it goes without saying that this task isn’t possible if you try to do it yourself or get it done through an amateur. You have to only hire an experienced and licensed company offering asbestos removal. In Melbourne, Asbestos Australia carries out this job of removing asbestos completely from the property and doesn’t leave even a single component of this material behind. Their trained professionals know everything about dealing with it safely and even disposing of it without any issues. After this material is thoroughly removed from your property, you can sign the contract and pay for the house without any worries.

o   Talk with the current owner about the expenses — Since you are weighing your possibilities of buying this house or not, ask if the current owner is ready to pay for the removal of this material. If she/he agrees to pay for this step, then you can again step forward and buy this place. Ensure that you have the certificate of removal from a licensed company.

o   Skip the offer if the expense and risks are way too much — It is definitely not a good idea to invest in a house that has asbestos in more than just a few areas. You may have to opt for an entire reconstruction of the property to get rid of so much asbestos. And if the owner does not agree to pay for the expenses, obviously then you shall incur a huge loss. This is definitely not a wise thing to do! 

Now as per the situation, you have to take a call about buying this property (or not!). Remember, your wise decision now impacts your health and happiness later.

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